Points of Interest
  • 1. Pozar Baths
  • 2. Kaimaktsalan
  • 3. Edessa Town Hall
  • 4. Vegoritida Lake
  • 5. Aridaia
  • 1. Dionysos
  • 2. Ellinon Geuseis

Picturesque & Mountainous destination

At the foothills of Vora mountain lies the beautiful village of Orma, a picturesque mountainous destination in the area of ​​Almopia near Loutra Pozar, surrounded by landscapes of remarkable beauty, characterized by the combination of rare natural treasures.

On the southwest side of the green valley of Almopia and 14 km away from the city of Aridaia, Orma overflows with life and a precious sense of warmth that every traveler seeks. The beautiful scenery of the village is made up of tall perennial plane trees bordered by the tranquil waters of the river that intersects the area, and innumerable seductive mountainous landscapes that awaken romantic sensations within. While staying here, you are near the spa town of Loutra Pozar with its beneficial thermal springs, the infamous Black Forest with its dense vegetation as well as the Kaimaktsalan ski resort, one of the top destinations for the lovers of winter sports.

Useful Distances

Loutra Pozar: 2.5 km
Aridea: 10 km
Edessa Town Hall: 19.2 km
Kaimaktsalan Ski Centre: 37 km

With a population of 700 people, the village of Orma is an idyllic destination for hiking lovers as well as those who are looking for moments of euphoria and relaxation coupled with a magnificent mountain scenic background. Within a 3 km distance from the center of the village you can explore the Black Forest which is ideal for hiking and cycling trips, while Kali Pediada and the Loutra gorge also offer beautiful mountaineering routes. During your stay at the Naiades Hotel you will have the chance to indulge in all these exciting activities as a bicycle rental facility is available at our hotel. Our experienced staff is at your disposal for route information and suggestions.

Pozar Baths

The famous Pozar Baths or Loutra Pozar are located only 2 kilometers away from the hotel, and are the source of beneficial, thermal water of up to 38 degrees Celsius. The five natural springs of the spa town are located at an altitude of 360 meters, 13 kilometers from Aridaia town and offer the perfect setting to indulge in the advantageous effects of a soothing, thermal bath.


If you take a scenic 34 km route through the Black Forest, you will meet the imposing Kaimaktsalan ski resort, known as the "Arachova of the North", which is a favorite destination for the lovers of winter sports. Here you will engage in all kinds of snow activities and you can admire the picturesque traditional settlements of the area. The facilities at the center include a rental shop, ski and snowboard schools, snowmobile rentals and everything else you need to enjoy your day of fun.

Kaimaktsalan is the highest in altitude ski resort of Greece, while at its peak, at 2,524 m high, the unique chapel of Prophet Elias is situated, a monument dating back to the First World War.


Built at an altitude of 128 meters, the beautiful Aridaia town is the capital of the municipality of the prefecture of Pella and also the "birthplace" of the famous local red pepper of Florina. It is characterized by a constant tourist influx, since its strategic location, 14 km from the Pozar Baths and 40 km from the Kaimaktsalan ski center, makes it a top destination for visitors of the region.