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A paradise of hospitality and relaxation
The Hotel

The Naiades Hotel

Someplace between beautiful mountainous terrains of the ancient Pella and the endless horizon, lies the Naiades Hotel, a paradise of hospitality and relaxation in the hamlet of Orma near Loutra Pozar, welcoming you in its warm embrace throughout the year.

The Naiades Hotel is built at the foothills of mountain Vora and offers the perfect accommodation choice to those seeking peace and relaxation with a dose of adventure. Having been named after the fresh water nymphs, the Naiades Hotel, ever since its opening, has been considered to be one of the most beautiful venues of the area, enhanced by the plethora of the exceptional amenities and services it provides.

The hotel's 10 stylish rooms exude an unprecedented sense of warmth, coupled with magnificent views of mountainous Orma, as well as luxurious amenities that constitute the high standards of its hospitality. Combining the traditional aura of the area with modern touches of decor, the 4-star Naiades Hotel offers guests spacious living quarters with an air of wellness and relaxation. Our rooms feature a fireplace and a jacuzzi, for the most exciting leisure experience. From our location, you are only 2 km away from the Pozar Thermal Baths, 34 km from the Kaimaktsalan ski resort and 14 km from the city of Aridaia. If you are adventure enthusiasts, an excursion to the nearby Black Forest for hiking or cycling will fascinate you!

In this blessed-by-nature place, you will have a unique holiday experience and fill your mind and soul with visuals of rare natural beauty, while the feeling of carefreeness that is created in these serene surroundings will accompany you for a long time. And rest assured, the Naiades Hotel will do its part in making your stay experience memorable for you!