Amplify your contact with nature


During your stay in the mountainous dreamland that is Orma, which is located near Loutra Pozar, you are strongly encouraged to engage in the following activities which will amplify the sense of euphoria that contact with nature brings.

Hiking is suited to the most adventurous among our guests, taking place in the Loutraki village and under the expert guidance of a hiking instructor with all the necessary equipment at your disposal for a truly unforgettable experience. If you prefer more laid back activities in Orma then you can combine discovering the amazing landscapes of our region with horse riding. Both horses and ponies are available, so this activity is suitable for both adults and children, horse riding takes places in the area of Lykostomo and runs between October until May. Those who wish to add a bit of local flavour with touring should consider an excursion to the local distillery and experience an initiation into the fine art of winemaking and tsipouro production.

All the above activities in Orma can be arranged through Naiades Hotel and require reservation to avoid disappointment.